Char Name: Axel Vaughns

Camp Jupiter, legionnaire from the Third Cohort

Owner: TheDeadlyOne

Age: 17

Brief History:

  • Was born to Vertumnus and Erin Charty from a drunken spring fling.
  • Weeks after he was born, he was dropped off at an orphanage.
  • He made friends with two other kids named Amara and Oskar, children of Nox and Mars, respectively.
  • The three were fetched/adopted by a nymph and taken to a woman in her mid-40s and from there, their new life began.
  • The woman, was in fact a child of Minerva who made it her duty to train orphaned demigods.
  • They were schooled and went under rigorous training as part of their training from the woman.
  • They were taken to the Wolf House and eventually power through it.
  • They go to Camp Jupiter at age 16, and have been there ever since.

Brief Personality: Axel is overall a unique little demigod. He enjoys tricking people, especially his opponents, but personally doesn't want to be tricked. But, he was raised with good manners. He knows how to treat other people well, but a trick doesn't hurt here and there, does it?


Strengths: Physically fit, observant and can adapt to a situation well.

Weaknesses: Too quick to make decisions, underestimates opponents and slightly shortsighted.

Weapons: IG katana/crossbow with normal + IG bolts.