Cassius Dickson

Cass Main

Name: Cassius Dickson
Owner: Gruff
RP Genre: Camp Jupiter
Species: Demi-god
Born: March 2nd, 1994
Nationality: American
Language: English, Spanish
Race: Caucasian



Cass is quite a quiet soul, preferring solitude and being alone to a powerful group of people. He's quite disorientated by loud noses and usually is couples with headphones or earphones. He's a very happy person though it's not often show. He's shy and reserved though often naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. He's sensitive as well and feels for others quite easily sympathies with others sensitive issues, making him perfect for the role of Senator. He loves to serve and is very trustworthy and if you show kindness to him he's appreciative and often returns said kindness. The son of Muta feels inclined to help anyone who needs it, even if they don't ask. He keeps calm at all cost and even if someone pushes him he won't shout or anything. Duty and honor is important to Cassius and so when he sees someone breaking rules he can get quite angry. Dishonor is, in Cassius' mind the worse thing someone can do.




Father: Alex Dickson
Mother: Muta


List of Cassius' Abilities



  • Cassius was born from the love of his mother, Muta and father, Alex Diskson
  • Cass was quickly dropped off at the very young age of 6 and was raised by Lupa
  • When Cass was 7 he was sent, by Lupa to Camp Jupiter to become a member of the Roman Legion
  • Though sent at a young age he was taught to fight and he went to school, learning loads about Roman life
  • This sparked his interest to become a Senator and see how he could change Rome
  • After serving 10 years in the Fifth Cohort he was elected Senator by other members
  • Though at 17 he is still a Senator but keeps an active part as a legionary of Rome

Full History


Height: 5'11
Weight: 147lbs
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Skin Colour: White


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