Cyrlis il'Var
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NOTICE: This is a collaborative effort with Flame, the character and setting is of his creation.

Cyrlis is daughter to a Katarian Nobleman and his Shenese wife. At a young age her parents enrolled her in a difficult but prestigious academy with the promise of studying magic if she was successful. Within weeks her parents were swamped with praise from professors and soon after she was off to study the magical arts. In the Empire, if you don't know at least one spell you're mentally dysfunctional, and most civilians know enough to go about their daily lives. Cyrlis wanted to go beyond that, and after graduating from both schools she was accepted by the Magas Firale; a powerful group of mages dedicated to the protection and education of their own kind, usually in return for some benefits. As the Firale keep nearly everything that happens within their walls secret exactly how Cyrlis learned her unique form of magic is unknown. Despite her skill and achievements her parents barely acknowledged her existence anymore as some of her brothers attained high political standing in her absence. So, after her graduation she roamed the cities of the world for a few years until the eruption of the Haram War. She later joins up with Karldin’s cause because it seems interesting. This story takes place prior to her meeting up with Karldin.


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