As she makes her way down the side street, and away from the inn, in the light of day the street takes on an entirely different appearance. Most of the buildings around the Inn were either other Inn's or what appeared to be private homes and offices. Some buildings have signs advertising their purpose; a couple of buildings seemed abandoned, with boards covering the windows and door. Signs of the previous night's rains could still be seen, water pouring off gutters, puddles of water pooling on parts of the streets. The alleyways leading off the side streets appeared to be mostly dirt, with the rain from the night causing them to be more mud. The side streets, though coble stone, had water pooled into the cracks between the stones; as she nears the main <thru way> it was clear that this was the main artery supplying the city, the crowded thru way made the side streets look abandoned in comparison.

Pausing to take in the busy scene before stepping out onto the street, she watches as a woman pushes her way through the crowded streets, with a small child in tow behind her, holding on to the woman's hand. Even from this vantage point, she can see that the child has such a tight grip on the woman's hand that her hand her fingers are tinged with red from the blood flow. A little ways behind them, an elderly man is trying to drive his cart and horse through the crowd, yelling at the stragglers to move out of his way, whipping the horse when it refuses to budge. She could see the fear in the horse's eyes each time the whip fell, neighing in protest, but ultimately succumbing and plodding its way through the crowd. The street was much wider than the side streets and alleys, on each side of the street were cart vendors, attempting to sell their wares to the people walking by. The breeze off the sea brought with it the smells from the port along with various foods being sold by vendors. Seeing a break in the foot traffic, she quickly makes her way onto the street and left, heading back towards the port, to investigate the market district.

Almost immediately upon stepping out onto the market street, she nearly collides with a woman exiting a shop, the woman, arms loaded with packages, comments curtly under her breath, and then disappears in the throng. Nearing the market district, she notices a seemingly quaint establishment with a few tables to eat outside in the sun. She enters orders a suitable late morning meal, goes outside to sit at one of the tables, and watches as the crowd swarms by.

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