Cyrlis sat at the table, after finishing her meal, watching the people come and go by her, satisfied to simply sit and watch her surroundings. It felt good to sit in one place for a while, for as much as she loved travelling; it sometimes weighed heavily on her soul, to never be at rest in one place for very long.

As the sun rose higher in the sky, she decided to get up and explore the market district for a bit, before heading out of the city to some ruins she had heard about. Paying for her meal she made her way through the crowd and towards the nearby market district, where throngs of stalls selling all sorts of wares filled the market square, the fancier shops and buildings lined the square, with signs advertising all sorts of things, from the frivolous to the more staple things needed in everyday life.

As she entered the market square she started to grow uneasy, something felt off, but she could not put her finger on it, there were so many people crowded around her, it was hard to think let alone looks to see if she was being followed. At one stall, selling various silks, she pauses, and while handling each silk, carefully surveys the crowd around her, trying to get some sign of anyone who might be looking at her suspiciously. For just a second, she sees a man with markings on his face slip behind another stall, but then after another few minutes, nothing else seems out of place. She moves on, further into the rows of stalls, some selling foods of all types, breads, cheeses, wines, meat, fish. Some stalls holding pottery, fabrics, tools, weapons. Some of the outer stalls even hold some livestock, birds, small animals, pigs.

She pauses at one stall, selling books, looking carefully over the pile she selects one with intricate designs on the cover. She runs her hands over the cover, she suddenly becomes acutely aware of someone watching her, before she can look around, a man out of nowhere suddenly bumps into her, knocking the book out of her hand and almost knocking her over...

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