Grumbling to himself, Asaran makes his way through the crowd trying to keep up with that annoying girl, but his companions were acting like bumbling fools and he was having to spend more time keeping them back from getting noticed then watching her himself. Why he could not just grab her, he just did not understand. Ultimately, those would be his instructions anyhow, why he had to spend his day following her he had no idea what Casan was thinking. He had only just pulled Avelan, one of the men helping him monitor her, back in time before she saw him.

Moments later, once he's sure that his companions are blending in with the crowd, he looks over just in time to see some man bump into the girl so hard, the book she was holding goes flying out of her hand and she very nearly falls to the ground. His first impulse says that this is some street urchin or pick pocket trying to steal from her, but upon closer inspection, as the man bends down to pick the book up for the girl, a growing feeling of suspicion branches out across his chest. That is not just any man, that man is the leader of the faction that is at odds with his boss's. What was Veran doing in the market like this, out in the open, let alone how did he just happen to bump into the girl that his boss wants taken later this evening.

Feeling that this could not possibly be a coincidence, he moves to one of his companions, and gives him a message to bring to Casan. If Veran has interest in the girl as well, or worse, if the girl is already aware of what's going on within the factions and has been recruited to Veran's side of things, this did not bode well at all.

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