Dead Already Characters


  • Note: Green means the character is alive. Red means they are dead. Grey means they are undead. Blue means their status is unknown.

JFK National Airport SurvivorsEdit

Image Name Image Name Image Name
MasonDA Mason Rosenberg
Age: 37
Maya's Father
MayaDA Maya Rosenberg
Age: 17
Mason's Daughter
AbbyDA Abby Ajam
Age: 25
No connections
CaseyDA Casey Diamonds
Age: 16
Jace's Girlfriend
JaceDA Jace Michaelson
Age: 17
Casey's Boyfriend
Carolyn's Brother
KarleyDA Karley Williams
Age: 28
No connections
HenryDA Henry Lee
Age: 26
No connections
TiaDA Tia Hendridge
Age: 21
Miles' Twin
MilesDA Miles Hendridge
Age: 21
Tia's Twin
BBDA "Black Beauty"
Age: 30
No connections
GinaDA Gina Shire
Age: 20
No connections
CarolynDA Carolyn Michaelson
Age: 22
Jace's Sister

Brooklyn SurvivorsEdit

Image Name Image Name Image Name
JaquelineDA Jaqueline Smith
Age: 48
Mira's Mother
MiraDA Mira Smith
Age: 25
Jaqueline's Daughter
Lauren's Best Friend
LaurenDA Lauren Chambers
Age: 24
Mira's Best Friend
LilyDA Lily Liang
Age: 51
No Connections
KellieDA Kellie Averin
Age: 18
No Connections

More to come as the story progresses.