• Step Three: Once time is up, first the number of posts each user did will be counted. For each post a user/character makes, 5 points will be added to the overall team score. For any user/character that does not make any posts at all, 25 points will be deducted from the overall team score. The hardest part of this step will be for each team to vote on two things. One user will be voted for elimination from this round, and one user as the "winner". The user voted off should be someone helped the least, made things difficult, hardly participated (and without any apparent good reasons for their lack of participation especially if they didn't give a warning or try to find someone to cover their character). The user voted as the winner of the phase should be the user who actively posted, perhaps even posted the most, their posts were helpful, insightful, maybe their ideas were the ones chosen for the defensive/offensive plans. (Final voting will take place on these pages -------> Greek and Roman Crossover/Phase Seven Greek Team Final Voting and Greek and Roman Crossover/Phase Seven Roman Team Final Voting).
  • Step Four (Final Step): The final, and easiest, step is for the team leaders to bring the information to one of the Admins running this event (probably Bach). The winner chosen from each team as the most helpful wins an immunity card, and one player from each team has been eliminated. All the points will also be tallied up/subtracted and adjusted to the overall came score.

List of Current TeamEdit

List Leader and team members still going in this phase.

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After getting the results to Bach, prepare to continue on to the next phase.

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