So right now this To Do list is covering the things we need to get done to pretty much consider the wiki officially open and ready to go. After as the wiki moves on this list will probably change to be used for more general upkeep and daily type chores.

Please do not forget to mark things when they are completed so we know, and if you are unable to complete something also let me know so we can assign someone else to the task.

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Users HelpingEdit


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  4. User:Brocky292


  1. User:Defrether (Officially Inactive)
  2. User:LeGruff
  3. User:Rid3r98
  4. User:Royaldoggie
  5. User:LeonorMorrow (Ruby)


  1. User:Rawr27
  2. User:FloatingInDarkness
  3. User:Flamefang
  4. User:Meloney
  5. User:Zer0TheNinja
  6. User:Waves Of Wisdom
  7. User:Hydrocarbon1997

Chat ModsEdit

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Note About To Do ListEdit

If you're on the Admin Team, go ahead and just help wherever, if you aren't sure ask me (Bach). If any regular users find this and want to help, definitely ask me first just to be safe. Anything that gets highlighted yellow is urgent. Some on here are more on-going and some are one time only projects.

To DoEdit

# Item User  Notes Assigned Completed

Priority Items (Done Before "Opening")Edit

Main Page WorkEdit

2 Finish the getting started template that goes on the main page This template summarises the guide
5 Writing Section for the main page
6 Roleplaying Section  for the main page
7 General Activity List for the main page

Policy WorkEdit

1 When the special rp forums are up and the genre/world pages started for page rps, they need to be linked here

Template WorkEdit

3 Side Bar for the main page
4 Time Template for the main page
6 Roleplay header template Like the char page header but for the top of people's rp's
7 Make sure Word Bubbles are up and running for the areas they'll be used in


1 Create a Getting Started Guide Probably need things like policies and the general writing and roleplay areas up before this can be really started Not Started Not Started
2 Update/organise the top navigation bar (Both urgent and on-going)
5 Set up a roleplay area like chbrp has (Roleplay:Forumblahblah)
6 Set up a page 'roleplay portal' to explain how roleplay works, where, etc
7 Start setting up Roleplay "Genre" lists These lists will work/be set up sorta like the user/char lists on chbrp. Instead of keeping track of characters by user, it'll be by what genre/rp world they participate in. So for instance Camp Half-Blood will have a portal page, and any chars on the site that are set up to rp that setting will be listed with their owner. (On the CHB one we'll also heavily advertise for the CHBRPW for those who want to focus just on chb type rps, so we can affiliate together, and in general for CHB rp's we'll only use this wiki for crossover things or rps that aren't allowed on chbrp)
8 Set up a 'writing portal' page explaining how writing works on this site, where, etc
Set up the forums to use for fun things, games and roleplay (with wb's) Bach

Jobs That 'Can' Be Done After The Wiki OpensEdit

General StuffEdit

1 Make the Adoption Request page Not a priority
2 Fill in/finish the Requesting User Rights page

Template WorkEdit

1 Adoption Template  needs to be made Not a priority
2 Make a general announcements template for the main page
3 Affiliates Template Not a priority (chbrp will probs be our first)
4 Monthly Polls template for the main page
5 Monthly Contests for the main page
6 Special Events template for the main page
7 Featured RP Template for the main page
8 featured char template for the main page
9 featured poem template for the main page
10 featured user template for the main page
11 featured story template for the main page

On-Going WorkEdit

1 Create Needed Categories None More of an 'on-going' type item, but definitely important to keep up on

Completed JobsEdit

1 4 Rating User Boxes Wonder 12-Aug 12-Aug
2 Character Page Header Slay 12-Aug
3 Write up the Rating System Policy Bach Priority, did a rough draft, need feedback from Slay and Wonder 10-August 12-August
4 Create IRC channel/page for the wiki: IRC page, with instructions on how to register. Slay Finished. 13-August 13-August
5 Chat Policy Slay Mostly the same as chbrp, maybe a bit more laid back with language, not sure 23:42, August 12, 2014 (UTC) 19:45, August 13, 2014 (UTC)
6 Write up a summary for the Rating System for the main page Bach Need to be done with the policy first 13-Aug 13-Aug
7 Sig Policy Slay Just like chbrp 23:36, August 12, 2014 (UTC) 23:36, August 12, 2014 (UTC)
8 Image Policy Bach This will be different from chbrp, though complete nudity won't be allowed just like there
9 Roleplay Policy Bach The basic everywhere rp rules apply but with a rating system in place here and a diff rp set up, other rules will differ from chbrp
10 User Blog Policy Bach Diff than chbrp, but the generic every wiki stuff will apply (no useless blogs, mean blogs, etc)
11 Voting Policy Bach Bit like chbrp, but level 5 doesn't apply
12 Warnings and blocking Bach Pretty much just like chbrp and all wikis
13 Inactivity Policy Bach Much more laid back from chbrp, reg users would need to go like over 2 years 0 edits for their stuff to be archived/deleted and users on the admin team will not be demoted but moved to 'inactive' (with the exception of maybe Crats)
14 Multiple Account Policy Bach Not as strict as chbrp as there's no char limits/levels, but users still need to register their alt accounts
15 User Level Policy Bach Not like chbrp, this will just cover reg user, helper, rb, admin, Crat stuffs
16 Plagiarism Policy Bach I feel we should list this specifically as a policy as we have more than rp'ing here so people don't forget or take advantage
17 Add a page for "general" policies for little things that don't necessarily fit under one category Bach An example would be I want to have a specific policy about having pages with too much cluttered coding/html or broken coding/html so that we try to avoid some of the issues we had on chbrp
18 Story/Fanfic/Writing/Etc Header template Slay Like the char page header but for writing ––– needs to be touched up/looked at. August 15 August 15
19 Warning Templates (see policy) Slay Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. August 15 August 15
20 User Welcome manualIP Welcome manualIP welcome autouser welcome auto Slay Finish these and other necessary templates for welcoming people to the wiki. 18:15, August 13, 2014 (UTC) 20:27, August 16, 2014 (UTC)
21 Write up the policy for Characters Bach This would be for both Characters for roleplay as well as character bio pages for stories
22 Admin Team  Template Waves We won't need a dept template, but we will need one for the admin team 21:37, August 22, 2014 (UTC) 22:01, August 22, 2014 (UTC)
23 Finish the Policy Template for the main page Bach Also can't be done until all the policies are completed
24 Finish the Policies Overview/Summary Page Bach Can't be done until all the policies are done
24 Writing Policy Bach This'll cover the writing area of the wiki
25 Finish The Welcome Message for the Main Page Freth
26 We need to decide if we want to allow rp'ing on page comments as well as the special forums (for wb's) All
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