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Users to Add inEdit

Note: Just because your name isn't in this list, or in the story yet, doesn't mean you won't be, I'm trying to use as many users on the wiki as possible as either a location, special object or person, this list is just to make sure I don't forget to add users who specifically asked :) cheers!!!

  1. User:ShadowGoddess (Mireldis, goddess of shadows, to appear with Wonde soon)
  2. User:Little Unusual Me (daughter of shad, dark, dragon form now, stays with shady instead of the rest of the "moodles", Nakisisa the "little unusual one")
  3. User:Windsword7
  4. User:DreamingAloud14
  5. User:Hermione Fleur
  6. User:Rid3r98
  7. User:RubyRose17
  8. User:Sonofapollo
  9. User:TheDragonEmpress
  10. User:Bird of Winter
  11. User:IceFireWarden0
  12. User:Slayingthehalcyon

Chapters ListEdit

  1. Chapter One - The Royal Captive
  2. Chapter Two - The Search
  3. Chapter Three - Meanwhile
  4. Chapter Four - The Truth Will Come
  5. Chapter Five - The Sad Little Princess
  6. Chapter Six - Land of Divergent
  7. Chapter Seven - Faithful Companions
  8. Chapter Eight - Flight of the Brave One
  9. Chapter Nine - Secret Passage
  10. Chapter Ten - The Lonely King
  11. Chapter Eleven - A Tortured Soul
  12. Chapter Twelve - Sister's Reunite
  13. Chapter Thirteen - Evil or Not to Evil
  14. Chapter Fourteen - Breakfast
  15. Chapter Fifteen - Christina's Fight for Survival
  16. Chapter Sixteen - The Lost Twins
  17. Chapter Seventeen - Trapped in the Mountains
  18. Chapter Eighteen - The Hobbit Princess
  19. More Chapters to come


Character Name Based on User Who they are From Relatives
Princess Blue Blue Princess Demiville Daughter to King Lyre
Lord Hydro Hydro Evil Lord Carbonville Son to Lady Riri
Kookoo and Kreme Kookie & Raid Princes Blue's Dogs Demiville Currently Unknown
Prince Raiden Raid Unknown, currently cursed as a dog, see Kookoo and Kreme Demiville, Currently Princess Kookie, Sister
Princess Kookie Kookie Unknown, currently cursed as a dog, see Kookoo and Kreme Demiville, Currently Prince Raiden, Brother
King Lyre Hyu King of Demiville Demiville Princess Blue, Daughter
Seers of Orpheyus Hyu Great seers that work for King Lyre Demiville Unknown
Ser Naruto the freak Nar Knight Demiville Unknown
Ser Xerxes the Rabbit Sean Knight Demiville Unknown
Witch of Roses Jas Great Witch Outskirts of Demiville Lady Riri, Sister
Angeli the Fair Angeli Inn Keeper Outskirts of Demiville Christina the Brave, Daughter; Annamisasa, Daughter; Father, unknown, believed dead
Annamisasa Annamis Daughter of Angeli Outskirts of Demiville Christina the Brave, Sister; Angeli the Fair, Mother; Father, unknown, believed dead
Christina the Brave Wings Daughter of Angeli Outskirts of Demiville Angeli the Fair, Mother; Annamisasa, Sister; Father, unknown, believed dead
Lady Riri the graceful Riri Former Queen of Carbonville, mother to Lord Hydro Carbonville Lord Hydro, Son; Husband, unknown, believed dead; Great Witch of Roses, Sister
The Deadly One Dead Assassin and advisor to Lord Hydro Carbonville Unknown
Enchantress Minx de Arte Minx Enchantress Divergent Lady Nicki de Arte, Mother
King Jay of the sea clan Jay Former King Formerly Divergent, currently missing Unknown
Lady Nicki de Arte Nicki Unknown Divergent Enchantress Minx de Arte, Daughter
Prince Mikachu Mika Prince Divergent, in a cursed sleep King Jay, Father
Craft the Dwarf Craft Head Guard, former man, cursed to be a dwarf Divergent Unknown
Moodles Moodle Unknown Sorrowful Realm Unknown
The Migster Migs Minion to The Deadly One Carbonville Unknown
Oblivion Ob Unknown, guardian of some sort Unknown Rawry, wife
Rawry Rawr Unknown, guardian of some sort Unknown Oblivion, husband
Wonde Wonder Goddess of Mountains Great Harlequin Mountains Unknown
Prince Gruff Gruff Prince of Demiville Formerly Demiville, location unknown Princess Blue, Sister; King Lyre, Father; Mother, Queen, Unknown
Nyxil the Sorcerer Nyx Sorcerer Formerly Demiville Unknown
Unknown man You'll see xP Unknown Unknown Unknown
Ser Brockles Brock Knight, what's left of the Queen's private guard Carbonville Unknown
Flame Flame Seer of The Fang Clan Carbonville Unknown
Queen B'ceteiz B Queen of The Hobbits Yatalu Princess Moon Song
Moon Song Golden Princess of The Hobbits Yatalu Queen B'ceteiz
Therider Rider Leader of The Barbarians Unknown land Unknown
Lottie Lott Hobbit, servant to the Witch of Roses Yatalu Unknown
Auron Auron Hobbit, servant to the Witch of Roses Yatalu Unknown
Wolf Blood Hobbit, servant to the Witch of Roses Yatalu Unknown
Kevin Kevin Head Guard of Lord Hydro Carbonville Unknown
Mercer Dark Dragon ("Moodle"), God, Ancient One (god of darkness & Mercenaries) Sorrowful Realm Mireldis (Wife); Nakisisa (daughter)
Shisaac Shis Dragon ("Moodle"), God, Ancient One (God of healing) Sorrowful Realm Unknown
Shadow Walker Outsider Oracle Unknown Unknown
Frethias Freth Deceased Outskirts of Demiville Son to Angeli
Jim KimJim Deceased Outskirts of Demiville Husband to Angeli


Name User Based On Known Residents Other Info
Kingdom Demiville Demi
  1. Princess Blue
  2. Kookoo & Kreme (aka Raiden and Kookie)
  3. Seers of Orpheyus
  4. Ser Naruto the freak
  5. Ser Xerxes the Rabbit
Outskirts of Demiville None
  1. Great Witch of Roses
  2. Angeli the Fair
  3. Christina the Brave
  4. Annamisasa
Inn Angelo Angeli
  1. Angeli the Fair
  2. Christina the Brave
  3. Annamisasa
Located in the Outskirts of Demiville
Kingdom Carbonville Hydro
  1. Lord Hydro
  2. Lady Riri
  3. The Deadly One
  4. The Migster
  5. Flame of The Fang Clan
  6. Kevin
  7. Ser Brockles
Kingdom Divergent Tris
  1. Enchantress Minx de Arte
  2. Lady Nicki de Arte
  3. Prince Mikachu
  4. King Jay (formerly)
  5. Craft the Dwarf
Sorrowful Realm (aka the desolate valleys) Moodle
  1. Moodles (Dragons/Gods)
Located outside Carbonville's borders
Great Harlequin Mountains Harle
  1. Goddess Wonde
The Lispector Highway Bloom

Mostly merchants and small towns set up for weary travellers

Runs along the Great Harlequin Mountains, the safest way to pass around them

Yatalu Yat
  1. Queen B'ceteiz
  2. Princess Moon Song
  3. Lottie
  4. Auron
  5. Wolf
  6. Other Hobbits
Mostly only Hobbits dwell here


Name User Based On Owner Notes
Halberd Onyx Ser Brockles Halberd made of Onyx
Ice Claw Ice Oblivion Sword is made out of a rare type of diamond, it looks like ice but is practically indestructible
Azrael Az King Lyre Sacred family heirloom, Lyre has no idea the true potential powers the sword has that lay dormant, they will only appear when his son finally takes the sword for himself
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