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The name of this poem is "Shades of a Soul" it has a PG-13 rating. The poem is also not dedicated to anyone, and criticism is allowed.
22:54, February 15, 2015 (UTC)
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No-one is allowed to copy from this, you may use the ideas that you may receive from reading this. If you wish to use part of this poem in a story or for anything else on the wiki, politely ask me before you copy the poem.

Blue, darker than the depths of the ocean. As light as the canvased painted on the pallid ethereal moon. As horrid as the ocean’s sweeping, drowning motion. So pale as to be tearful for the dead in people’s cries. As exuberant as the chalking of the essence around the crown of the moon. Ever so profound as the neon of the night of mourning.

Red as the blood that taints the eye of mourning. That drips throughout the curdled screams of the night. How incredibly painful is the heat that runs through the veins? This, this that runs so deeply. It traces through the sky in hatred, Burning the contrails of eyes filled with the merciless pyre of death.

Black, oh how hood is soothing, it turns fear into listless silence… The shadows among the skies pass through the crown of the moon, It retches with the curdled screams of blood filled pyres. There it turns into a dark silence, a calm brooding, And the shadow moves about the depths and the crown.

Silver, oh so ghastly, it turns and runs about the crown, It pales to the depths among the ocean, casting a shadow of gale. The cold of the night turns and it is silver that is left behind without a doubt. She gladly dances across the skies, wrapping herself in all her miserable blight.

Oh here it is, the shades of my soul, Oh my soul! Oh my soul! The blue that is cascading into the crown, The silver that pulls it through the eye of the crown, And the red that creates those listless copses filled with black, the black that comes all the way back to the depths of the blue, And the blue, Oh the blue, how it soothes the drowning of the deep…