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The name of this poem is "Silence Breeds Hatred" it has a PG-13 rating. The poem is also not dedicated to anyone, and criticism is allowed.
21:35, February 15, 2015 (UTC)
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No-one is allowed to copy from this, you may use the ideas that you may receive from reading this. If you wish to use part of this poem in a story or for anything else on the wiki, politely ask me before you copy the poem.

She watches the knife hit the chopping block.
The blood runs deep, a river's lake.
Nails that scratch a door with lock.
Hinted humor drips in failure's wake.
Romanticized thoughts, so hard to break.
Yet love is so hard to fake.
She keeps from screaming
As his voice is quieting,
Her mind is rioting; yet his is fried and sizzling.
A blank stare as they eat.
hatred is silence's greatest feat,
Who next will she entreat
Who then will he meet?
What burns red, is the color of silence...
Solid iron fence,
Covered in the silence, bled and bred,
Hatred rears its ferocious head.