Type the name of the power set into the box and click "Click to Create". Try to name the page something that will explain what the power set is for. Like "Loki" for powers that have to do with the Norse God Loki.
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Now on this wiki, we don't require users to follow a set power list. However, some users may not be good at coming up with their own powers, or how to figure out what types of powers certain characters should have based on their situation. (Witch, Demigod, etc). These power lists are optional, they are just here to give you ideas, use them, don't use them, alter them, add to them, whatever you want. These are the power sets that have been made so far. Feel free to help out and make some. Try to make sure it stays within reason though. I realise there's no rules about what powers a character can or can't have, but for the help list we wouldn't put shadow travel powers under Zeus as it has nothing to do with Zeus' scope. If you want to see a detailed list of each specific power, go here.
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