Please make sure you have read and understand the Roleplay Policy and Characters Policy before proceeding here. Add your roleplay characters to the relevant page below, if there hasn't yet been a page made for the genre you need (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) then either ask an admin to help you or if you know how then go ahead and add it yourself.

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Page RoleplaysEdit

There are two main areas to roleplay here, either inside the Forum Boards or on regular pages that can be set up here. It is preferred that if regular pages are used for roleplays that they connect back to the roleplay portal as well as the genre/world page. Because this wiki is a "roleplay anything" type of place, in order to keep the place organised and make it easier to find things on certain topics, it is important we categorise and title things appropriately. If you aren't sure, please ask someone.

Also, with the Forum Boards, when possible, there is a place on the bottom of threads to connect them to pages. If the roleplay you are doing has a portal page, please connect it to that page.

Type the name of the genre/world into the box and click "Click to Create" to get started making the page.
Create a Roleplay World

These are the genres/worlds that have been created so far. There are potentially hundreds upon hundreds that "could" be created so we are only making some. If you see ones not on the list but aren't sure how to add them please ask an admin, if you know how and don't see what you need then go ahead and add it.
Genre/World Created By Last Edited On Last Edited By
Roleplay Portal/Camp Half-BloodBachLynn2323:47, December 12, 2014BachLynn23
Roleplay Portal/Our Guild Family OOCBachLynn2314:27, November 20, 2014BachLynn23
Roleplay Portal/Harry PotterBachLynn2317:11, November 10, 2014LeGruff
Roleplay Portal/Next Generation X-MenAliasKit01:33, November 9, 2014AliasKit
Roleplay Portal/The Shadowhunter ChroniclesWaves Of Wisdom21:36, October 14, 2014Waves Of Wisdom
Roleplay Portal/Game of ThronesLeGruff19:27, September 20, 2014BachLynn23

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