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This page is all about Rick Riordan's World set at Camp Half-Blood. He has two book series that mention it. The main book series and first, that is most about Camp Half-Blood, is the Olympians Series. The second, though it is mostly about the Roman Camp, does still follow many of the characters from the first series, Heroes of Olympus.

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Original User Created CharactersEdit

Character Owner Age Active Rating Notes
Lancelot Broussard Bach 24 Yes Prefer at least pg-13 I already have a plot for him with Nicki but I'm still open to casual roleplays with others. I'm open to use him on any type of roleplays as far as the genre.
Sasha Whitman Nicki Yes P

Canon Characters Anyone Can UseEdit

Character Age Notes
Percy Jackson ??

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Roleplay Portal/Camp Half-Blood/Greek and Roman CrossoverBachLynn2323:26, December 12, 2014BachLynn23
Roleplay Portal/Camp Half-Blood/Example Roleplay ArchivedBachLynn2319:21, August 27, 2014BachLynn23

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