Chapter ThreeEdit

Re-con from Lance's PoVEdit

As he made his way to the back of the restaurant where he'd caught glimpse of an employee's Ducati, he was having a hard time not letting his mind wander back and forth between slight worry about Sasha being practically bait just to get more intel and his ex from a few years ago. This wasn't like him, he was better than this and he knew it, he was supposed to be pro at pushing this type of shit out of his mind and keeping it there, but something about Sasha, as much as her stubbornness and self-assuredness made him feel like she could be potentially reckless and inexperienced, he also had a feeling that she was also a natural and that she had good reason to come off cocky at times. He remembered what it was like at that age still, always having to prove himself to his uncle and the others that he was good enough despite his age.

Shaking all the thoughts out of his head and focusing on his breathing, he brought himself back to the present once he got to the steel silver and black Ducati before him. Checking to see if any keys were left somewhere around the bike, which he wasn't hopeful about, he finally reached into his messenger bag and pulled out an odd looking key that seemed to shimmer and change as the outside lights glinted off it. A nifty little device he got a friend of his to make him that was Heph kid working for his Uncle, with a twist of Heph ingenuity and a touch of Hecate magic, it was able to fit any lock, and within seconds he had the bike started up, helmet on and he was off towards the compound, though instead of staying straight on the road that would have taken him to the front where Sasha was headed, he took a nearly inconspicuous side road to the right that he knew he could use to get to the back of the compound without being seen for longer than if he tried to go around from the front.


Re-con from Sasha's PoVEdit


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