Anastasiya and AlessandraEdit

Anastasiya: She's walking around Camp Jupiter - she really wants to make the most of the last of her freedom while she still can. Being Centurion of the First Cohort and having guests soon, she needed to at least try to pretend to have exemplary behaviour. Swearing quietly under her breath, she considers looking for her friend for the second time that day. Sighing, her hand resting on the handle of her sword subconsciously, she leans against the wall and looks out.

Alessandra: She was apparently deep in conversation with a son of Cupid, and looked to be increasingly irritated. Throwing up her hands and saying something that seemed to make the other demigod indignant, she noticed Anastasiya and made her way over to her.

Anastasiya: She waved to Alessandra with a grin, looking at the son of Cupid. "He irritating the fuck out of you?" she asked, placing her head on her shoulder and observing him from another angle, frowning slightly. "I do hope the Greeks are cuter - maybe it makes up for the majority of their gods having supremely stupid names."

Alessandra: "They'd better be." She studied the guy in distaste. "And I would hope so - they'd better be a bit more modest as well. That guy's an arrogant son of a bitch."

Anastasiya: "Should've kicked him where the sun don't shine," she suggested. "I mean, it's not like I'm exactly modest - but an arrogant guy is just a no-no. I need a guy who kicks ass, not a guy who thinks he's the reason the sun rises and sets. I'd marry one of my siblings but that would be incest, and I'm not so sentimental."

Alessandra: "Still could. I mean, he's still over there." She started grinning. "You can have one of my siblings, if you want."

Anastasiya: "That's not a bad idea; that's about both of those ideas, by the way." Her hand wraps around her sword without her realising it. Some of your siblings are pretty cute. That guy with the tattoos...I want to ask him to homecoming - the Venus kids arrange homecoming every year, which makes it all frilly and pink and ugh, but..."

Alessandra: She turned her attention back to the Cupid boy, immediately working out who Anastasiya was talking about. "Oh, Isaac? I could arrange that. And we can make it less frilly and pink, can't we?"

Alessandra: She nodded with a smile. "We can. Red's more my colour to be honest - and we're better at parties than the Venus kids any day."