Our Wiki's Special Game of Thrones

This page is a special large group roleplay activity for Game of Thrones specifically. It is open to anyone that wishes to sign up below and join in. Generally on this wiki we take a less immersed view of roleplay and roleplay worlds. Where wiki's like Camp Half-Blood Roleplay are an entire wiki following one story line, usually here it's anyone doing anything they want with anyone. However, on this particular group, we are going to stick to an agreed upon "version" of Game of Thrones and follow a plot that we all contribute too. What effects one, effects us all.

Because of this there will be rules and guidelines to follow for this project that does not reflect the majority of the Wiki, but to keep everyone together and moving towards the same purpose, it's the only way.

Books/TV Show: We will begin at the start in general of both books and the TV Show. The first two books and first two seasons are nearly identical any how, it won't be until we get into Seasons 3/4 & Books 3/4 events that things could differ drastically and decisions will need to be made. If anyone wants to change certain book/show events for their roleplays, that's fine, but please let the rest know and sign up here for that, so that nothing conflicts. If you don't sign up, you don't get dibs for the change.

Special Event: If enough people sign up/are interested. We will hold a 'Battle Royale/Game of Thrones' Style event. Each user will make a 'temporary' (or permanent if they win) leading character that will lead an army into battle. We'll pair users up in a roleplay battle showdown where they have so many rounds to roleplay their armies fighting each other, losers die, winner moves on to the next round. At the end, the last army left standing will be dubbed king of the Wiki for a month.


  1. You have to sign up here if you are taking part
  2. You have to keep track of any original characters you are using for this story/roleplay
  3. You have to keep track of any canon characters you roleplay (as canon characters are allowed to be used on this Wiki - though are owned by no one and anyone can use - you may use canon characters for this event. However, it is paramount we keep track of plots and who's using them so that we don't overlap stories or mess up something someone else already did.
  4. You must keep track of the roleplays you do and give a summary here the general plot and outcome of your roleplay, so that we all know what's going on in the Wiki's Game of Thrones
  5. All major plot changes from the books, and how we will keep in line with the books (as far as if anything will be changed in canon, if so how much, etc) will be agreed upon by all participating and we will keep track here of those changes.

WIP, must be decided.

  • Gruff and Bach call dibs on having a love conflict between two of our OC Characters and Jaime and Cersei Lannister. (20 Sept 2014)
  • Wonder calls dibs on deciding Renly's fate (21 Sept 2014)
  • WIP

WIP. a list of canon characters and their status on this Wiki versus canon and who has rp'd them. (will make a table here)

Sign UpEdit

You must sign up if you are participating and by signing up you are agreeing to keeping this up to date with all that you are doing.

Sign Up TableEdit

# User OCs Canon Notes
1 Bach WIP Cersei I do have a girl planned for an original character, no name yet
2 Gruff WIP Jaime Have a Hedge Knight planned named Lleu Avon
3 Wonder WIP Melisandre WIP
4 Nicki WIP Sansa I have an OC in mind, major work in progress, though c:

Current Plots/RoleplaysEdit

Date Users Characters Notes

This is where, after you've finished a roleplay, you update the overall status of the world and the story in the world for other users to keep track of. If any users have conflicts, please contact an Admin so we can sort them out.

New Status: Means to put how the roleplay may affect others in this group. For instance did your character just kill an important character in Westeros? Something that is news other characters would hear about?

Changes to Old? This means did you change any canon events? For instance did you decide to kill Cersei? Because she didn't die in the books/TV Show, this would be a change to canon.

Date Users Link to RP New Status Changes to Old?

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  • 21:20, September 21, 2014 (UTC): We've decided to start roleplaying at the beginning of the books/TV Show. Where we go after that we'll decide as we go and it's needed. For the first two seasons of the show and two books, they follow each other so closely it shouldn't make too much difference whether we do show or book events until we hit season 3/4 and book 3. As users roleplay, if you come across a book/show event you want to change for our story/plot, please let the others know and mark that on this page.