The Order
Owned By: Raid
Rating: R
Date Started: 9/19/14
Date Ended: NA
Art 1
General Info
Requested By: By no one.
Open for Critiques:
Sure, but focus more on the structure of the story, not too much on the actual plot but that's fine too.
User Copyright:
You must have permission to alter ANYTHING, but you may rp using the setting, not the characters shown within the novel though unless they're minor and nameless.
Type of Work: Story
Genre(s): Fictional, Adventure, War
# of Chapters: NA
Based On:
WhiteChapel, England
Dedicated To: This is dedicated to all my friends, especially those whom appear in the series.
Setting & Plot

The story is set in The Order: 1886, humanity fights the Half-Breeds using a secretive group made of the immortal Knights of the Round Table in 1886 Whitechaple.


Victor, Clair, Marshall, Sir Morien


So, this story is based on the setting created in the Videogame, The Order: 1886. Far past in history, Humans split into two categories, Humans and Half-Breeds. Half-Breeds are closer to human than werewolf but still see themselves as their own species. They are taller, stronger, and uglier then humans. They have patchy areas of fur and half a deformed face that resembles a werewolf mid-change. After years, King Arthur created the Knights of the Round Table, a order that helped to fight these creatures that used human like swine. And overtime they found Blackwater, a watery substance that can grant the user partial immortality, still able to be killed by wounds. Thus a war has been fought since then to now, 1886. Where our hero takes up as an Apprentice to Sir Morien. A knight whom is now training 3 people. We will follow him on his journey through his adventures and war.



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