The Sunset
General Info
This story is owned by Avin, and is rated "G" for general audiences. So this work, literally describes the setting sun, without ever saying "Setting Sun" "Sunset" or anything of the like! I hope you enjoy.
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As it screams across the canvas of blue, the white cascades into a uncontrolled shower of color. The colors that stream across the canvas, make the head wonder at the capability of the power of such a creation. As the color’s jump from canvas side to canvas side, the hues continue to collaborate to make a myriad of complex and vibrant hues, often keeping people from sleeping, as they dance across the pleated, unbridled companion of shear whitening blotches of shining wings dancing across the canvas…

The wings that flutter across the canvas scream into the intense color as they drop tears onto the canvas’ wretched burning hue of calm serenity, bring a stale peace to an ever-setting event. The blinking blight of small lights that cry like glistening teardrops begin to peak out of the fluttering wings of the canvas’ last moment to explain what it was made for, shear impression of beauty. Yet as screaming wings drop off the canvas, never really having touched the surface of the horridly fanatic backdrop…

The blight of the lights echoes across the canvas, as a screaming fire burns across the canvas’ in a tumult of rolling, only to burn in a frozen acquit the void it continues to burn through. Yet somewhere on that canvas, another scream is surfacing, the fluttering wings are joined again, and flying into the wretched surface’s darkest hour, to bring forth a shimmering, ghastly elegant glimmer of eloquent light. </div>