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Categories are an important tool on this wiki. With categories it helps to keep track of pages as far as if they belong to the writing area or the roleplay area. They also help to keep track of our Rating System and to whom the pages belong. When it comes to the rating system however, this will be one of the most important categories to be accurate. If you mark a story as PG-13, but the story clearly should have been Rated R, that mistake could result in deletion of the story and/or further corrective action.

The one category that will be the same for everything on this wiki is User Categories. For instance, anything that I have written, created or roleplayed (with the exception of in forums) will have the category BachLynn23.

Another important category that should go on all pages, whether roleplay or Writing, is the rating categories. You can read more about this here.

Going Over BoardEdit

Categories are important and help us keep the Wiki organised, however there is such thing as over kill where this is concerned. Categories should be things that would commonly be found on various pages, not just one. Here are some examples of acceptable and unacceptable Categories:

Appropriate Inappropriate
Poem Poetry, Romance, BachLynn23 Story, Writing, Poems I Wrote
Story Story, Adventure, <Title of Story> (the title of a story can be a category because it may have multiple pages and chapters with it), Action, BachLynn23, Work in Progress Book, My Story, Fun, Writing, Boobs
Fan Fiction Fan Fiction, Story, <Title of Story>, Completed Story, Lord of the Rings JRR Tolkein, Hobbits, Bilbo, 2014
Roleplay BachLynn23, Rawr27, Camp Half Blood, PG13 Character Names, America, Your Mom, Blue, 2014
Character Page BachLynn23, First Name, Last Name, Age, Birth Year Likes Books, Lightish Blondish Hair, Brownish Blue Eyes, Rich, Plays Piano
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